Monday, July 24, 2006

SRPG trigger and DScript bugs

Last weekend I wrote a trigger system for SRPG. A trigger consists of a condition and two possible actions. Think of it as an "if <cond> then <action1> else <action2>" instruction.

I have already a large collection of conditions and actions, though probably a lot more will be needed. Because of the nested structure of the trigger system, it almost provides the functionality of a fully featured script language. Only loops are not available, but I think we will get by without them.

Currently I am not planning to give SRPG a script language of its own. The trigger system should be sufficient to handle all quest-& story-requirements. And using DScript's macros (SRPG world files are generated with DScript) we have almost a script language (though it looks more like assembler than like a high level language).

While doing tests on SRPG I discovered two bugs in DScript. Apparently it is possible to crash DScript by using the Include instruction. Very annoying. I thought DScript to be totally stable. The second bug is related to the Path instruction. Strangely it does not show up in version 0.10. It only gives trouble with my current development version of DScript. Looks like I broke something recently. I will have to investigate further ...

OK, now how are these triggers working? There are placed on certain events, e.g. player is trying to use a connection between two locations. Than the trigger can start certain actions and either let the player continue or stop him.

In the above example the trigger could be used to limit the access to a location to characters with certain skills or with a special item in their inventory. Or the player could be requested to pay a toll. Or ... Well there are certainly hundreds of options.


Blogger CheatWarrior said...

How long do you think it will take for the release?

Will it be a freeware release?

Blogger Marc said...

As I wrote a few posts ago, I hope to find someone, who helps me coding the front end. If I can find someone with enough skill and time, we should be able to do a release before the end of this year, though the first version will probably have a rather small world.

If I can't find another coder, it is more likely that the release will be delayed to the second half of 2007.
(please bear in mind, that I am horribly bad at guessing release dates; the values given above are my best estimate, but they could be completly wrong).

Currently I am planning to release SRPG as freeware. I would love to do a commercial project for RISC OS, but at the current state of the market that doesn't look feasible (and I don't have the skills or the timer either to market the game).

Blogger CheatWarrior said...

I do not have a lot of coding experience but I am willing to help in any other way.


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