Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday I added the verification instructions to DScript. These instructions don't generate data, but check that some conditions are meet. This is a very important addition, because it allows the writing of much more robust macros. Available instructions: ?Full, ?Align, ?HAlign, ?True, ?False


FlagByte fl
8 Flag fl 0
?Full fl ! good

NTString "draw"
?Align ! good
Table ta 2
Entry ta
?Full ta ! not good
The last instruction would produce an error message, that can be used to easily track down the bug in the script.

Or at least it would be easy, if the error reporting mechanism would be working properly. I have narrowed down the problem to lines, that contain comments. Apparently these lines confuse the line counting mechanism, but I have no idea, what is causing this. More investigation needed ...

On the SRPG front I didn't make much progress. It looks like I have to add some kind of logging to the world loading code, so I can track down problems easier. This has priority over new features.


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