Thursday, June 29, 2006


At the moment I work on three active projects, which is actually a bit too much (I had always the unlucky tendency to spread my workforce too thin among too many things).

The first project is Graphite (download available from my site, see sidebar for a link). Some of the features I originally planed for Graphite aren't in yet. Same applies to a lot of features proposed by users. Quite a few of them are essential. But hey, Graphite is only at version 0.45. I still have some version numbers left before 1.00.

The next step in the development of Graphite is a huge, monotonous and monolithic task (more details some other time). I am not very eager to start with it, but sooner or later I will have to.

The second project isn't ready for going public with it (it doesn't even have a name yet, though there is already a healthy amount of working code).

The third project is called DScript and it is clearly worth a post of its own. For now I will only tell you, that the first release isn't far away anymore (I'm aiming for next week). Today I got the confirmation of my allocation of the application name. The promptness and easiness of the allocation process is surprising me again and again. Alan Glover is really doing a great job.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Source Code

It is very likely, that I will include some source code snippets in future posts. Considering this Blogger probably wasn't a very good choice. It is possible to paste source code into posts without manual editing, but only with some tricks. Syntax colouring would have been nice, too. Nevertheless I have decided to stick with Blogger.

So far I wrote most of my code in English, but with comments in German and most of the technical documentation in German too. Recently I came to the conclusion, that it would be better to switch to English entirely. But that is mostly relevant for future code. There are about 15 MB source code sitting on my hard disc and I have no intention of translating them, if it isn't absolutely necessary. A large fraction of this code belongs to abandoned projects, but that doesn't mean it can't appear in an active project. Code reuse is great! Would you believe, that a significant portion of Graphite was once part of an abandoned RPG project?

When I post larger code sections, it is quite possible that some German comments will show up, which escaped translation (same has happened already in Graphite's GUI; very annoying). I would like to excuse in advance for that kind of problems.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A recent Drobe vote brought me to the idea of starting a blog. I have no idea, if this works. If it takes away too much time from programming, I will stop blogging instantly. But let's not get overly pessimistic. It could be a very productive experiment as well.

So, what can you expect? Since this blog is about coding, obviously a lot of very technical stuff. I'll do my best to make it interesting too for people without programming background, but I wouldn't bet on the success of this endeavours.

The main purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about the progress with my various projects (hopefully this works better than the infamous progress page, that I had on my site a while ago). Occasionally I might digress from day-to-day coding and state my opinions about more general programming topics. And when I'm fed up again too much with my idiot box, you can be sure to see some rambling about how much I hate Windoze.

All comments are welcome. Have fun!