Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Attributes and Skills

I decided to reuse the skill system for the player's attributes (like strength, intelligence, ...). An attribute will be just a special skill, that has no explicit usage (it affects the use of other skills though). This method does not require any additional implementation in the back end (it will be up to the front end to distinguish between attributes and skills).

I haven't said anything about the skill system yet. I guess I need to catch up on that, since it is mostly finished.

SRPG will have a hybrid skill system. Basically it is learning-by-doing. While using your skills, you gain XP in that skill, in your main level and sometimes in an attribute. If you get enough XP in a skill/an attribute/the main level it will rise by one point.
With the main level the hybrid aspect comes into play. For each level you gain a free point, that can be used to improve a skill (or an attribute). This way the player can develop and customize his character a bit beyond skill training. Furthermore the hybrid system allows XP rewards, which does not come from using a skill. This can be used for quests and probably some other things.


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