Saturday, September 16, 2006


The encounter system is mostly done. I still have to write some DScript macros and probably some more tests are in order. Next I will start to implement the battle system.

OK, how is the encounter system working?

Each location hat a set of possible encounters, each with a certain probability. When the player goes hunting in a location, an encounter is randomly selected. Since encounters can be invoked from a trigger it is possible to let other actions start an encounter. Let's say the player is mining in a dangerous spot. The mining action has a trigger, which has a certain chance to invoke an encounter. Makes mining much more interesting ;)

The set of encounters for each location is static (it can't change while playing the game), but the system has some dynamic components. It is possible to modify the probability of an encounter. Is is also possible to modify an encounter through a power factor, making it more or less dangerous. Both factors (probability and power) can either me modified locally or for the whole world.


Blogger CheatWarrior said...

Will SRPG be third person or first person view?

Blogger Marc said...

That depends on the front end, which I haven't even started thinking about. But in general SRPG is too simple (remember: the S stands for 'simple') for such a distinction.

I guess a possible implementation of the front end would be to show a world map in the main window, where the player's position is marked with a dot or a cross or whatever. It is unlikely, that you will get a more complex kind of "view" (the back end isn't supporting more, since its focus lies in other areas).


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